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Welcome to the Mangalam Marble & Granites

Mangalam Marble and Granites is a name, synonymous with quality, trust and competitiveness. The company was established in 2007 with modest capital and one showroom. Since then, it has fast gained the reputation of being a formidable name in the market. It currently has four showrooms in city of Hyderabad, India.

At Mangalam Marble & Granites we have wide range of colors with huge options & selections.
There are different types of stones available with us like granite, marble, limestone’s and may more.
We procure material from all across the country. We hand-select and purchase the best product at competitive prices
At Mangalam Marble & Granites we have wide range of Marble,Granite and Natural Stones.
  • Bentonite Powder

    What is Bentonite ? Bentonite has been called the mineral with 1000 uses. A highly absorbent clay, it was originally known as “mineral soap” and “soap clay.” Bentonite is a

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    Bentonite and Its Applications

    WELL DRILLING: Drilling mud, or drilling gel, is a major component in the well drilling process. Drilling mud is crucial in the extraction of drill cuttings during the drilling process.