Bentonite Powder

What is Bentonite ?

Bentonite has been called the mineral with 1000 uses. A highly absorbent clay, it was originally known as “mineral soap” and “soap clay.” Bentonite is a sedimentary deposit containing greater than 50% montmorillonite. There are two primary types of natural bentonite, sodium and calcium. Sodium-Bentonite is characterized by its ability to absorb large amounts of water and form viscous, thixotropic suspensions. Calcium-Bentonite, in contrast, is characterized by its low water absorption and swelling capabilities and its inability to stay suspended in water. Each type of bentonite has its own unique applications.

We hold mines of Calcium Bentonite in South India with large storage capacity. Our product is premium quality Calcium Bentonite. We can supply Bentonite to small& large industries, associations, governmental entities and contractors, and individuals. We can provide appropriate quantities for use in a variety of industries, including water treatment, detergents, manufacturing, drilling, construction, and more.

Calcium Bentonite

Calcium bentonite is a useful adsorbent of ions in solution as well as fats and oils. It is the main active ingredient of fullers earth probably one of the earliest industrial cleaning agents.

Calcium bentonite may be converted to sodium bentonite (termed sodium beneficiation or sodium activation) to exhibit many of sodium bentonite’s properties by an ion exchange process. In common usage, this means adding 5–10% of a soluble sodium salt such as sodium carbonate to wet bentonite, mixing well, and allowing time for the ion exchange to take place and water to remove the exchanged calcium.

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